Moron Cookbook –

The AoS Sunday Food Thread has inspired a cookbook!  That’s right, Deplorables Global Initiative, Inc. is gathering your recipes as candidates for inclusion in a Moron Cookbook for publication and sale later this year.  A big thanks to Ace for approving the project!

A few general rules before we begin:

  • Please submit only recipes you have a right to use and let us know where they came from – we’d rather not be sued by your Aunt Millie over her mashed potato recipe for improper attribution.
  • If the recipe you are submitting has been published, or if you are modifying or adapting a published recipe, then list the source.
  • Your recipe submissions are voluntary and you will not be compensated for them, other than the chance to be included in the prestigious first edition, which you will have to pay for.
  • Recipes must use actual ingredients found on this planet, and must result in food that is edible by humans or Morons.
  • We recognize that we have some accomplished Chefs, but recipe simplicity is a virtue.
  • The intent will be to break even and provide the cookbook to you at cost.  In the event there are proceeds from the project, they will be donated to charitable organizations such as Fisher House or Toys for Tots
  • We reserve the right to modify or edit your recipe in any way we wish, without reservation.
  • Your email is needed in case we have questions about your recipe submission and it will not be published.  Your AoS screen name will be published.
  • Please enable JavaScript when submitting the form.
  • Comments?  Questions? Feeling lonely? recipes@moroncookbook.com

Recipe submission for the Moron cookbook is closed.  Please stay tuned to the Sunday Food Thread for exciting updates!